Help for M.E./ C.F.S. Part 3

January 27, 2022

Help is Here – Part Three

In the 3rd blog in this series we are at the stage of your journey where we can identify whether you have the physical signs and symptoms of CFS/ ME that would allow us to confirm a diagnosis.


The symptoms of CFS/ME are very wide ranging due to the widespread influence of this vital part of the nervous system and the crucial role the lymphatics play in clearing toxicity and waste products.


Common symptoms include:

Chest pain
ENT infections
Gut discomfort
Joint and muscle pains
Limb heaviness
Memory loss
Poor sleep
Skin problems


Nevertheless, it is very much a biomechanical disorder with clear and diagnosable physical signs, including:


Disturbed spinal posture
Varicose and enlarged lymph vessels
Specific tender points related to backflow of lymphatic fluid
Specific tender points related to sympathetic nerve disturbance
The fluid drainage from the brain to the lymphatics moves in a rhythm that can be palpated using cranial osteopathic techniques. A trained practitioner can check if there is a disturbance of the cranial rhythm, which occurs in CFS/ME
Identifying these common signs has been a crucial aid to make a definitive diagnosis of CFS/ME, rather than a diagnosis being made by exclusion, which has been the only option previously available. These diagnostic signs have been tested and supported through the rigor of an NHS controlled trial, published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ Open) in November 2017.

The main problems in this condition are:

Part of the nervous system which mediates between our state of alertness and restfulness gets overwhelmed and our bodies are kept in a constant state of readiness or stress, which prevents us from reaching deep states of restfulness. This is essential for our bodies to heal and repair. This resulting overload causes our bodies to collapse into complete exhaustion.

The lymphatic system, which supports the cleansing and clearing of the immune system through a network of vessels and nodes throughout the body, cannot clear the lymphatic fluid fast enough or well enough resulting in a backlog building up, leaving our immune system incapable of responding to regular demands. This build-up eventually puts pressure on the blood-brain barrier with the brain and spinal cord becoming congested and toxic.

Our work helps your body to clear your lymphatic system and calm your nervous system. To do this we use a combination of hands on techniques to clear the congestion in the spine, chest, and throat. We also use cranial Osteopathic techniques to rebalance and support the drainage and improved function of the brain and spinal cord.

We always tailor our advice to your specific needs and explain how you can improve and manage your symptoms. We will show you gentle massage techniques and exercises that you can apply and use at home to further enhance the treatment process and reduce the symptoms, helping you to get back in control of your health and support your well being.

With perseverance improvements will come and as the body offloads background toxicity we can begin to rebuild the body’s resilience and re-ignite our innate self-healing ability.

Help for M.E./ C.F.S. Part 3

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