Our techniques lend to supporting growing bodies
For generations babies, young children and teenagers have benefited greatly from Osteopathy. Our gentle techniques and treatments lend themselves to supporting growing bodies.

What we can help with

We are frequently asked what do Osteopaths actually treat? The answer is simple – we treat children. We do not treat conditions, but work towards improving health in the longer term.


We work to make sure the body’s framework is aligned and that the body’s innate ability to heal can get into top gear. Our techniques rely solely on our hands and our ability to palpate subtle shifts in the body’s tissues. The treatment is very safe as it uses no drugs and is non-invasive.


Helping you before, during and after pregnancy

There is no doubt that pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. However, not every pregnancy is plain sailing. Our treatment and techniques are honed through years of experience and with our knowledge, we can help with various symptoms to help your body and mind to cope better before, during and after the pregnancy.


Our advice and support are tailored to your needs. We can help you feel healthier, stronger and happier to enjoy the pregnancy as well as bonding and caring for your baby.