Osteopathic Researcher & Social Media Maestro
In the final stage of completing my PhD thesis in Environmental Engineering, I have recently joined the team as a researcher, marketing and project manager. We’re signed up to a several ongoing national research projects, so my role is to collect the data, analyse and report back. I’m also in charge of social media posts and campaigns so check out our Facebook and Instagram pages as we have lots to share!

As a patient of Isla’s myself, I have experienced first-hand how Osteopathy can help improve your quality of life. So, I am very grateful that I get to be part of the team and contribute to the bigger picture of providing evidence for the great work that Osteopathy is doing in communities around the country. I have a Masters degree in Chemistry and also studied Biology at university.


I always found it fascinating to see how the body works and have loved
discovering more since I’ve learnt about Osteopathy. My academic journey has taken me to Malawi and India which has been a wonderful experience as I love traveling and learning about different cultures.


Born and raised in France, I am also half Scottish and my husband is from Congo. Hard to know who to cheer on during the Six Nations or the Olympics!


We have many different groups of customers, and it is our aim to provide all with a high quality of service.