Practice Manager & Massage Therapist

An experienced Practice Administrator, Eva has joined us to revamp our office system and give us a more streamlined and robust way of tackling our admin function. In the past, Eva has trained and worked in holistic therapies after her career as a registered Nurse.

Rich in life and career experiences, she has a keen eye for detail and manages to find joy in systemising! As Osteopaths, our focus is on keeping the body system on track, so it really is great working with other skilled people like Eva who do the same for other parts of the Practice.


She has also trained and is experienced in Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage, which has been a particularly Big Hit at Loudoun Osteopaths as this work is a vitally important part of our work with ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Eva works in conjunction with Isla and Marta to ensure that our fatigue ridden patients get the maximum input to revamp and revitalise their challenged nervous and lymphatic systems.


We have many different groups of customers, and it is our aim to provide all with a high quality of service.