Our Covid-19 policy

What will be in place in terms of health and safety protocols?

We have heightened out health and safety protocols in order to maximise your security and deliver our high quality of care. Your Osteopaths will be wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) at all times during the appointment and we’ll carry out sanitisation in between each client as needed.


You will be asked to wash your hands when you enter the premises and we also have hand sanitizer available if needed. We kindly ask that you attend your appointments alone, exceptions made for children’s appointments and for those carrying disabilities; we also ask that you arrive at the time of your appointment and not ahead, in order to avoid overcrowding in the common areas. If you do develop symptoms in the 7 days following your appointment, we ask that you please let us know.


Who cannot attend?

At this time, if you or anyone in your household falls into one of the “high-risk” categories and have been instructed to self – isolate for 12 weeks we will need to evaluate this on a case-to-case basis, so please let us know if you are in this category and we can discuss this with you.


What if I can’t make it into the practice, but still need advice?

You can still access our support through email, Live Chat and phone consultations. You can email our Osteopaths and Masseuse directly at, and or contact us via phone at 01563 822244. The Live Chat service is currently available through our website Mondays 10 – 4 and Wednesdays 9 -12. These remote consultations are open to anyone who feels that we could be of help.


I want to make an appointment but I am unsure if I fall into the correct categories or I feel a bit anxious about attending.

Do not worry please, we are all going through the same together. If you feel like you want to discuss your issues ahead or want to talk more thoroughly about our protocols, get in touch via email or phone and we’ll be happy to discuss further.


I have made an appointment, now what?

Roughly 24hrs before your appointment, you will be receiving a text reminder. Within the text reminder you will find a link to our Covid-19 Screening Form which has three simple YES/NO questions that we need you to answer before coming in for your appointment. If you answer YES to any of the questions, one of our team will get in touch to further investigate before your appointment. We do ask that if your situation changes between the screening time and the appointment time you let us know please



We have many different groups of customers, and it is our aim to provide all with a high quality of service.